50 Word Stories

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The Cliff

Zzzziiipppppp. She was standing at the edge of a cliff, overlooking the island. The wind played with her hair. Her skin smelled of sun. She felt peaceful. At rest. A woman climbed up the meandering path towards her. They looked at each other. “So,” she said “How did you die?”

Credit: Photo by AD_Images (Pixabay)


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“SKUUUNK!”. Their faces went pale. “Everybody OUT!”, yelled father. We waited outside. The skunk waited inside. Time passed. “I’m going in,” I said. They gasped. Silence greeted me at the door. The pie on the kitchen table was still warm. I ate it. All. “Meow,” went the skunk. I grinned.

Credit: Photo by theohyeah.com


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“Buuusssss!” Baby’s feet kicked excitedly at the back of her car seat. Mom was caught in dark thoughts though. Wipers went swish, swish, swish. “Other buuuussss”, it came again from the back. Drops of rain ran down windows. Drops of tears ran down cheeks. Mom was everywhere. And nowhere. “Buuu…”

Credit: Photo by Natanael Vieira on Unsplash


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She wanted it so badly, she bit her lip. Her fingers were numb. Pearls of sweat ran down her neck. Please, she whispered. Please. The man opened his mouth. She held her breath. “Seven – Three – Nine – Nine – Two – Nine”, he announced. She hung her head in despair. Again. Wrong numbers.

Credit: Photo by Pablo Heimplatz on Unsplash