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For Teachers: I’ve had numerous requests from teachers around the world to read my books online for students to access. I’m currently granting permission for such Online Read Alouds. All that I ask is that you please fill out this form.

For YouTubers: If you’d like to read one of my books on your channel, I’m currently granting permission to do so, IF you mention my name (Jana Broecker) and my website (Picture Books With A Twist). Thank you!

A delightfully adventurous story told in rhyme with fun plot twists and an uplifting message about believing in your dreams and appreciating what you have, be it your family or life itself.

This rhyming hidden picture book about diversity promotes acceptance, understanding, and kindness for all. It showcases that each of us, irrespective of our own unique qualities, is an essential part of a bigger picture. 

“Your kids will pick up our books over and over again. And you? You won’t mind reading them a million times!”

Dr. Jana Broecker

A search and find book of increasing difficulty for cat lovers of all ages. This book combines fun activities with gorgeous illustrations and inspiring feel-good cat quotes.

A heartwarming rhyming story, where nothing is what it seems. Follow along a lone dinosaur egg in the search of a new home in a world where it does not belong and discover that Family Isn’t Always Blood and that Love Alone Makes A Home.


is a small independent publisher from Cambridgeshire (UK) run by Dr. Jana Broecker. We offer clever Rhyming Picture Books With A Twist, featuring characters full of dreams and determination.

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