Meet Jana

Here you’ll find information about and updates from Dr. Jana Broecker who runs the UK-based publisher JBroeckerBooks. I’m so excited and happy that you’re part of my journey!

Dr. Jana Broecker

is a geeky scientist by day and picture-book author by night. She’s also the mum of two marvellous boys, a rhyme & meter editor, and a sushi addict. Jana throws the longest birthday party EVERY year and has the best new ideas when driving a car. She and her family live near Cambridge, UK. Jana loves to write in rhymes, particularly:

Fantastic Books For Kids

That Let Their Dreams Go Wild;

From Epic Quests To Secret Worlds,

There’s One For Every Child.

“Children who are allowed to dream BIG today, will be tomorrow’s compassionate leaders and visionary entrepreneurs.”

Dr. Jana Broecker

5 Fun Facts

1. I’m German and have been living in 4 countries.

2. I’m a twin. The funny one.

3. I have a PhD in Biophysics.

4. At school I was struggling with English a lot.

5. My characteristic sentence is “Oh, oh, oh, I have an idea!”

Media Kit

This media kit contains information about the publisher JBroeckerBooks run by Dr. Jana Broecker. In detail you’ll receive a Quick-Info Sheet, a Short Bio, a Long Bio, Book Information & Stats, Sample Interview Questions and A List of Downloadable Photos.

Contact Jana

I would love to hear from you. If you have any questions or comments about a specific book, please contact me via my Contact Page.