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Are you looking for editorial help with your children’s book? Then you’ve come to the right person. I’m Dr. Jana Broecker, author and publisher of several rhyming children’s books. I’ve specialised in Rhyme & Meter, because I love rhyming stories and because I understand language in patterns. Since I’ve illustrated several picture books myself, I have the added experience to juggle the marriage between text and illustrations in picture-book manuscripts. In addition, my Analytical Thinking skills as a senior scientist help me to see the underlying story structure in your manuscript, to reveal plot holes to you, to spot mistakes you and your beta-readers have missed, and to identify the right questions that will help you to push your story to the next level. Last but not least, I’m perfectly suited to help you with the Translation of any piece of writing from English into German, or vice versa, no matter if the text is in prose or in rhyme.

“Let me assist you in making your story the best it can be.”

Dr. Jana Broecker

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