Hi, I’m Dr. Jana Broecker. I have 10+ yrs. of experience as a scientific reviewer and editor and have been studying picture books for the last 8+ yrs. I’d love to use my analytical skills to help you make your book ready for publication!

“Let’s get your book ready for publication BEFORE you hit the submit button!”

Dr. Jana Broecker

Proofreading is the very last stage of the editing process where you fix minor spelling and punctuation mistakes, typos, formatting issues and inconsistencies. You can choose the following package:


I will carefully check your manuscript for common errors such as spelling and punctuation mistakes, grammatical issues (e.g., inverted syntax, wrong tense), the incorrect use of direct speech, as well as typos. If you provide me with formatted text, I will also find formatting issues such as missing spaces or unfavourable text placement. Last but not least, I will notify you of any inconsistencies in your text or its formatting.

Fee: $50 per hour, so the final fee depends on the word count as well as the quality of formatting

Here is the detailed workflow for this package:

  1. I send you an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) to sign by the two of us. It legally binds me to confidentiality, so that you can share your manuscript with me.
  2. You send me your manuscript.
  3. I have a look first and then give you a binding quote.
  4. You accept in writing.
  5. I send you an invoice and PayPal payment link.
  6. You pay upfront.
  7. I start editing and send you detailed edits back asap (usually within a couple of days).

Please send any editing requests to: