Find Cranky Cat

Available on Amazon: Find Cranky Cat Book.

If you are looking for a cat book that combines Search and Find Fun with little Boosts Of Happiness or the PURRRfect Gift For Cat Lovers of all ages, then this book is for you! Cranky Cat hides in each of the beautifully illustrated cat doodles. If you have found it, you’ll want to find it all over again. But be aware, this undertaking gets more and more compliCATed. The book is rounded up with short feel-good quotes about the love for our furry feline friends, making it a book to CATch and treasure.


★ The PURRRfect Gift For Cat Lovers Of All Ages! ★

Available on Amazon: Find Cranky Cat Book.


The drawing styles are very engaging and vary throughout the book, keeping the search-and-find experience fresh with every turn of the page. The cats can be colored in, too, in order to personalize this book. A must-have for every art and cat lover.

FREE BONUS: Get FREE bonus pages with the purchase of this book. See inside the book for details.


“Let your inner child shine from Broecker’s creation as you browse through the wonderfully illustrated book searching for Cranky Cat! Woven throughout the book were cute quotes that will bring a smile to your face. This activity book is fun for all ages and would gift well after you’ve found them all!” Gronkle Book Reviews

“This original activity book features cats of all shapes, sizes, and moods. Most of these moods are joyful or silly, but there is always that one cranky cat waiting to be given the proper attention that every cat deserves. Nice for colouring, too.” Zoe H., Childcare Practitioner, Cambridge UK

“This book is calling young and old cat lovers! So much fun and appealing to the eye. Buy one for yourself and one more for your cat.” Prof. S. Keller, Cat Lover

“My daughter and I have read the book 3 times the evening we got it. She had so much fun searching for the Cranky Cat. This book is definitely a great present for all the cat lovers, grown-ups and kids, too.” Gabi C., Mum to a 7-yr. old

“Great fun for kids and grown-ups finding the cranky ONE! There is only ONE on each page. Will you be the quickest to find it?” Steffen B., Uncle to a 3-yr. old and a 7-yr. old


If you like books such as “The Odd One Out” by Britta Teckentrup, “Where’s Wally” by Martin Handford, “I Spy” by Jean Marzello, “Deep In The Forest” by Josef Anton, or “Wacky Wednesday” by Dr. Seuss, then you will LOVE this book. 


Recommended age level: 5-8 years. A thoughtful early learning gift for boys and girls for any occasion; especially fitting for a birthday, baptism, or graduation. Great for kids ages 5, 6, 7, and 8 years in Preschool (Pre-K), Nursery (Kindergarten), and primary school (Year 1, Year 2, and Year 3 or, respectively, Grade 1, Grade 2, and Grade 3). In fact, this book is also of great value to people with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. 


This book will compliment any book collection with titles from authors like: Stephen Savage (Where’s Walrus?), Britta Teckentrup (Where’s the Pair?), Benjamin Chaud (The Bear’s Song), Britta Teckentrup (There are Fish Everywhere), Sarah Williamson (Where Are You?), Marc Boutavant (Around the World with Mouk), Britta Teckentrup (One is Not a Pair: A Spotting Book), B. B. Cronin (The Lost House), Britta Teckentrup (Where’s the Baby?), and Anders Arhoj (Find Me: Hide and Seek Book).

Available on Amazon: Find Cranky Cat Book.