Not Like The Others

About The Book Not Like The Others

Available on Amazon in US English: Not Like The Others Book (US Edition).

or in UK English: Not Like The Others Book (UK Edition)

***Awarded 5-stars from Readers’ Favorite and KidsShelf Books Cover Contest Winner 2019***

This hidden picture book about diversity promotes acceptance, understanding, and kindness for all by showcasing that each of us, irrespective of our own unique qualities, is an essential part of a bigger picture.

Which fox has the fluffiest tail? Where is the squirrel that holds an acorn? And who caught a fat, wiggly worm. Over 250 forest animals fill the pages of this beautifully illustrated book. Little eyes will be eager to spot the one animal that is Not Like The Others, little ears will cherish the fun, fact-filled rhymes, and little minds will learn that it’s our differences that make us special.


Available on Amazon in US English: Not Like The Others Book (US Edition).

or in UK English: Not Like The Others Book (UK Edition)

Readers’ Favorite (5 Stars): “This thought-provoking book is Not Like The Others and celebrates the differences in all of us. The illustrations are perfect, the pattern recognition exercises are marvellous, and the theme of the book works so very well.”

Yvonne Morrin, Head Zoo Keeper, Shepreth Wildlife Park: “Not Like The Others fosters a love for animals and helps children to embrace differences: a riot of colour and an absolute delight!”

Kym D. Wimbis, Author of the Lucky Duck Books: “This is a fun and educational search book as much as it is a meaningful story of diversity and acceptance.”

Tara, Cambridgeshire Wildlife Care: “Not only does this book teach children about wildlife in an imaginative and engaging way; it also reinforces the message that they are special too. A must-have for any child’s bookshelf.”

If you like books such as “The Odd One Out” or “Where’s The Pair?: A Spotting Book” by Britta Teckentrup, “Where’s Wally” by Martin Handford, “I Spy” by Jean Marzello, “Deep In The Forest” by Josef Anton, “Find Me: Hide and Seek Book” by Anders Arhoj, “Around the World with Mouk” by Marc Boutavant, or “Wacky Wednesday” by Dr. Seuss, then you will LOVE this book.

Reading level: 3-8 years. A thoughtful gift for any occasion; especially fitting for a baby shower, birthday, baptism, or graduation. Great for toddlers ages 3 and 4 years, and kids ages 5, 6, 7, and 8 years in Preschool (Pre-K), Nursery (Kindergarten), grade 1, grade 2, and grade 3.

Also available: Not Like The Others – THE COLORING BOOK, Not Like The Others – THE ACTIVITY BOOK

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Guardian Testimonials:
“We enjoyed this vibrant selection of familiar forest animals. It’s fun and hilarious to find the one animal that is ever-so-slightly different. In contrast to traditional picture puzzle books, Not Like The Others can be read as a stand-alone story and, importantly, it delivers the important message of “Embracing Diversity” to the child it is read to.” Dr. N. Solcan, Uncle to several Forest-Animal Lovers

“Never has a search-and-find book been so pleasing to the eye. Each spread has its own colour and detail to catch, keeping the seek and find experience fresh until the end. The rhyming text is well-paced, making it easy to read aloud, whether you’re sharing this in one-on-one reading time or as a fun group read. Animal lovers of all ages will be fully engaged.” Zoe H., Preschool Childcare Practitioner

“Reading the story and spotting all the special animals could take a while, but the illustrations are so much fun and the final message so heart-warming and powerful, you won’t mind taking your time with this book. Practice to look carefully and to be persistent; then enjoy watching your child feel a pleasant sense of reward when it, at last, finds the one animal that is Not Like The Others.” Gabi C., Mom to a 7-yr. old

Available on Amazon in US English: Not Like The Others Book (US Edition).

or in UK English: Not Like The Others Book (UK Edition)