Find Dopey Dog

Soon available on Amazon: Find Dopey Dog!

*** A fun-filled activity book with search-and-find pages and happiness-boosting dog quotes! ***

Only one Dopey Dog hides in each of the beautifully illustrated dog doodles. Who can spot it first among all those other dogs? Sounds easy, but gets more and more complicated soon. This PAWsome search fun is rounded up with short feel-good dog quotes about the love for our furry canine friends. 

★ The PURRRfect Gift For Cat Lovers Of All Ages! ★

Soon available on Amazon: Find Dopey Dog!

VARYING STYLES: The drawing styles are very engaging and vary throughout the book, keeping the search-and-find experience fresh with every turn of the page. The dogs can be colored in, too, in order to personalize this book. A must-have for every art and dog lover. 

FREE GIFT: Get free BONUS pages with the purchase of this book. See inside the book for details. 

“This original dog activity book features dogs of all shapes, sizes, and moods. Most are joyful or silly, but there is always that one Dopey Dog, waiting to be given the proper attention that every dog deserves. Nice for coloring, too.” Dr. Nicolae Solcan, Dog Owner

“This dog book is calling young and old dog lovers that are ambitious enough to find the Dopey Dog! A fun hide and seek book that’s also appealing to the eye. Buy one for yourself and one for your dog!” Prof. Sandro Keller, Dog Lover ♥

“What a fun find the dog game for kids! My daughter loves had so much fun searching for the Dopey Dog that we read the book 3 times the evening she got it. For days, she then coloured in the dogs and has just started to draw dogs herself.” Gabriella, Mum to a 7-year old

AGE RECOMMENDATION: 5-8 years. A thoughtful early learning gift for boys and girls; for a birthday, baptism, or graduation. Great for kids ages 5, 6, 7, and 8 years in Preschool (Pre-K), Nursery (Kindergarten), and primary/elementary school (Year 1, 2, and 3 or Grade 1, 2, and 3). As a clever find the dog brain game, this book is also of great value to the elderly/seniors with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

Soon available on Amazon: Find Dopey Dog!