Letters From Galaxy 8

Available on Amazon: Letters From Galaxy 8.

*** A Rhyming Space Adventure For Kids About Friendship And Valuing Our Planet ***

If you were chosen to protect the fate of your planet, would you make the ultimate sacrifice to save it?

The last of his kind, Guardian Nate must find a way to save his dying home planet. He befriends Will, a boy from Earth. Can the two friends save a world on the brink of destruction with compassion, a bit of luck (or was it fate?), and a red balloon?

★ The perfect tale to Inspire Children to Care About Our Precious Planet as much as we Care About A True Friend! ★

Available on Amazon: Letters From Galaxy 8.

This enduring friendship across space and time will touch your heart with charming rhymes and colorful illustrations and show your children how precious the world around them really is.

Book details:

  • Perfect for ages 5-12, in preschool and elementary or primary school
  • Teaches a valuable lesson that friendship knows no borders
  • Inspires readers of all ages to better care for our planet
  • Gently explores hardship and sacrifice for those we love
  • Allows children to experience an array of emotions and opens opportunities for meaningful conversations
  • Engages children with detailed colorful illustrations
  • Written in melodic rhymes that intensify the book’s message
  • Great as a bedtime story, for a group reading, or one-on-one time
  • Makes an ideal gift for your child, grandchild, niece or nephew, or a friend’s child

If you are searching for a thought-provoking book that encourages children to appreciate the beauty of planet Earth, then Guardian Nate’s Adventure Is For You!

“A moving and evocative story, reminiscent of Oliver Jeffers, about An Unlikely Friendship That Changes The World.” Kym D. Wimbis, Author of the Lucky Duck Books.

Official Book Trailer For “Letters From Galaxy 8”.

“As a teacher, I’m always on the lookout for stories that allow meaningful discussions. This book revolves around a plethora of important subjects, from the Power Of Friendship, over Looking After Our Planet, to Birth And Rebirth, to name just a few. This stimulated so much discussion in our PSHE unit on “Taking Responsibilities” that we used it in most lessons. This book is a MUST for every child to read.” Lucy McGregor, Primary School Teacher, Key Stage 2.

“Beyond the obvious message of the importance of saving the planet, this story Allows Children To Experience An Array Of Emotions, such as loneliness, hope, love, and happiness. This book also gently approaches the difficult and sad topic of life naturally coming to an end. When I helped my class to put the sadness in perspective, we could fully enjoy the book’s happy ending.” Sarah Harris, Preschool Child Care Practitioner.

Available on Amazon: Letters From Galaxy 8.

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