Pilot Ray 2 – The Crow Strikes Back

Available on Amazon: Pilot Ray 2 Book.

When word spreads of how tiny snail Ray has tricked him, the crow seeks revenge:

In rage the crow mumbled,
“This time I won’t fail,
because once and for all
I will get that small snail!”

There is just one problem: When trying to grab all four snails, the crow misses Ray and carries away his brothers.

Join Ray on his 2nd adventure, as he saves his brothers from the claws of his old foe, the vengeful crow. Will both learn that A Heart Filled With Rage Has No Room For Love?

★ The perfect gift to Encourage Your Children to embrace the Power Of Forgiveness! ★

Available on Amazon: Pilot Ray 2 Book.

“A charming book that does not only entertain but also impart important life lessons.” ★★★★★
“A shining example of the art of storytelling!” ★★★★★
“A must-read for all who want to show their children the benefits of choosing love over hate.” ★★★★★
“I was blown away by the storyline and quality of the rhymes.” ★★★★★
“This story is sure to leave a long-lasting impression on young readers.” ★★★★★

“The tale of snail Ray and his quest to save his brothers from the claws of a vengeful crow is a true work of art, capturing the hearts of young readers while teaching valuable life lessons to children and adults alike. The language is rich, and the rhymes are perfectly crafted, making this book a joy to read aloud.” Kym D. Wimbis, Author of the Lucky Duck Books.

“I was thrilled to see my child eagerly anticipate the release of “Pilot Ray – The Crow Strikes Back”. After falling in love with the first book, she couldn’t wait to see what adventures awaited tiny snail Ray and his brothers. We were not disappointed. This book exceeded all expectations, delivering another heart-warming tale filled with excitement and valuable lessons.” Gabriella C., Mum to a 9-yr. old snail lover.

“As a preschool teacher, I highly recommend the “Pilot Ray” Dream BIG book series. The adventures of Ray and his brothers teach valuable lessons about standing up for yourself, your family, and your friends in an engaging and easy-to-understand manner. My students are captivated by the action-packed stories, and I am thoroughly impressed with how much fun they are to read during story time (even after the hundredth time). A must-read for all who love uplifting and inspiring children’s stories.” Sarah Harris, Preschool Childcare Practitioner.

Available on Amazon: Pilot Ray 2 Book.