Teacher’s Guide

“A Million Years From Home” is a heartwarming rhyming story, where nothing is what it seems. Follow along with a lone dinosaur egg in the search of a new home in a world where it does not belong and discover that There Are Many Kinds Of Families and that Family Isn’t Always Blood.

The A Million Years From Home Teacher’s Guide will help turn this classic book into a compelling, educational tool. It contains exercises inspired by the book such as defining vocabulary, identifying rhyme pairs, discussing the two main themes in the book, story writing inspirations, some creativity prompts, a letter-writing exercise, a pop-up guessing game, and more. Download your FREE copy below.

Recommended for: Preschool to Year/Grade 3
Suited for early readers: Yes
Main themes: The True Meaning Of Family & The Love Between A Parent And A Child
Written in: Rhyme