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My First Year as Indie Author: 2019


I’ll review my year 2019 as indie author in the next couple of days. Here’s what I’ve achieved:
* founded a publishing company
* registered as sole trader
* designed a logo and developed a branding strategy
* designed & published 2 search books (one of which is a translation into German)
* designed & published 1 picture book
* designed & published 1 activity book
* designed & published 1 colouring book
* won 1 cover-design award
* sold >2k books
* moved 4 out of 5 books into profitability
* wrote 5+ new books
* received two 5-star Readers’ Favourite Reviews (one for each main book)
* did 1 author visit
* attended 1 farmer’s market
* designed my website
* started working with illustrators for my upcoming books
* joined Instagram (with 1275 followers)
* made a Facebook page (with 250 followers)
* marketed books via free eBook promotions (no ads yet)
* learned a ton of new software and things in general (e.g., how to rhyme in a language that isn’t my native tongue)
* connected with absolutely amazing fellow authors (you guys rock! 🤘🏻)
* kept my sanity despite being a full-time senior scientist and mum of the sweetest two little boys

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