Story Trails For Schools

Would you like to run a fun event at your school that inspires children to read for pleasure? Then, how about hosting one of our story trails? They combine the fun of a scavenger hunt with physical activity while nurturing reading competency. In summary, a story trail …

How does it work?

  1. Give your children a clue where to find the 1st of 6 checkpoint stickers.
  2. Children scan a QR code to read the 1st part of the book (or watch the 1st part of a read aloud).
  3. Children follow the trail until they have found all 6 checkpoints and have read the whole book.

How can I host a story trail at my school?

  1. Decide which of my stories you want to host as a story trail.
  2. Apply to receive a sticker set for your chosen story.
  3. I’ll send you the stickers and detailed instructions via post asap.


A delightfully adventurous story told in rhyme with fun plot twists and an uplifting message about believing in your dreams and appreciating what you have, be it your family or life itself.

For Children: Reception to Year 6

heartwarming rhyming story, where nothing is what it seems. Follow along with a lone dinosaur egg in the search of a new home in a world where it does not belong and discover that Family Isn’t Always Blood and that Love Alone Makes A Home.

For Children: Reception to Year 6

A rhyming space adventure about an intergalactic friendship and the importance of protecting our planet. This book will inspire children to care about our planet as much as we care about a true friend.

For Children: Year 3 to Year 6


What do I need to provide at school to be able to host a story trail?

All you need is a tablet (or several tablets) with access to the internet.

What does it cost?

All story trails are FREE. At the same time, as I’m always looking to improve, I’d appreciate some feedback (incl. photos, if possible) once you’ve hosted the trail. Alternatively, please tell colleagues from other schools or post about the event on your social media. This will help me, as a small independent publisher, to gain a bit more visibility. Thank you.

Are the story trails adjustable to different age groups?

Yes. Different age groups can read the same book while doing the story trail slightly differently. For instance, older children can read the individual parts of the book at each checkpoint themselves, whereas younger children might want to listen to a teacher reading those to them out loud. Alternatively, older children who can read can pair/team up with younger children who cannot read well enough yet. Last but not least, there’s also the option to watch an animated read-aloud of the book.

If we host a story trail at my school, how long should the distance be?

Ideally, our story trails should be done outside, covering a 1-mile loop. For young children, you might want to consider shortening the distance and for older children, you might want to consider increasing it.

Can we do a story trail inside, as well?

Of course! In the case of bad weather or if you don’t have internet connection outside, you could also host a story trail inside common areas of the school (e.g., the library, the canteen, the gymnasium etc.).

We don’t have internet connection on our school tablets outside. Can we still host a story trail?

Yes, you can! You could either create a personal hotspot with your private phone that the tablet your class is using can join for the time of the story trail OR you could host the trail inside the school (see answer above).

Instead of reading the book, we’d like to watch the read-aloud. What do we need to consider?

Some schools block any type of videos (not just YouTube) on children’s tablets. If this is the case for your school, please contact your IT department and ask them to unblock the story-trail websites. If this problem persists, I’d recommend falling back to reading the book via the website’s flipbook function, as this won’t be affected.