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Weekly Update No. 6

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I’m currently promoting my cat-themed activity book “Find Cranky Cat! – Search Fun for Cat Lovers” (or better learning how to promote 🤪) …


… and am working on 3 new picture books. Thus, this week I: 1) ran a Mother’s Day ad campaign for Cranky Cat, 2) finalized the new cover for Cranky Cat and uploaded it to Amazon (still, the thumbnails keep showing the old cover 🥴) 3) researched useful Amazon keywords and categories for Cranky Cat, 4) designed a first cover draft for book 2, 5) drafted and set the text for book 3, 6) made a virtual “mock book” for book 3 incl. some placeholder illustrations, 7) researched Amazon advertisement services, 8) made a to-do-list covering the next steps for these 4 books, 9) started an Excel sheet to standardize my workflow , 10) swapped my Instagram account to a business account, and 11) researched the Instagram algorithm. 😅 Phew, that was quite some work but at the same time progress! Strong 💪🏻 The number of 5-⭐️ reviews on Amazon (all marketplaces) is currently 20!!! Wohoo! 🥳.

Link to the book here. 🤗

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