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My Sunday was …

Sunday was Mother’s Day here in the UK. So I woke up to flowers and super cute cards made by my boys. 😍 I spend the afternoon shopping (hello, me-time 🥳) and enjoyed a nice cosmetic session at mac‘s, which was my special gift for the day. BTW, mac reminded me so much of my time in Toronto CAN… On top of it all, it was a stunningly sunny day. Just beautiful. Folks, Spring is in the air!

PS: Yes, that’s a tea cup that the little one made for his card… 😂 Very British, eh?! 🇬🇧

Song of the day: Happy by Pharrell Williams
Meal of the day: Pancakes for breakfast
I am grateful for: Ice cream (that’s what my 2-yr old always answers when I ask him what he’s grateful for… 😂)

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