Success, Failure, and New Year’s Resolutions


My biggest successes and failures as author in 2019 as well as my New Year’s Resolutions for 2020 are the following:
>> Biggest Success <<
Despite the fact that I never imagined to publish more than one book in 2019, my biggest business success is, how nicely my book “Find Cranky Cat – Search Fun For Cat Lovers” developed over time. It was selling like crazy the last couple of months… and was actually meant to be my test book. Personally, my biggest success is that I found “my voice” last year. I didn’t know before that my voice is actually a rhyming voice, but now I’m fully embracing it.
>> Biggest Failure <<
I meant well….. Yet my biggest failure was to publish my book “Not Like The Others” in UK and US spelling. Sorting territories with Amazon is a pain, and unfortunately always both versions of the book show up (one as available, the other–with the irrelevant spelling for that territory–as not available), which is confusing for the customer. Add in the fact that this book is actually a book trio (incl. colouring and activity books), and you’ll soon see how overwhelmed a customer feels when searching for my book. *sniff* I could go on…
>> Resolutions <<
First of all: don’t ever publish a book in US and UK spelling again… like ever… shoot me, if I do… 😉
Second, I’d like to dive into local marketing, which means I plan to more proactively spread the word about my books locally (so far I kept rather quiet) and partner with local businesses.
Third, I’d like to use this year to streamline my business processes (e.g., data storage, accounting, new software) as well as my social-media activities (e.g. by scheduling posts, doing specials/challenges, and reposting valuable content). The main goal is to free more time for what I actually want to do: write & design books.

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